July 14, 2024

The advisor of GIC tech investment Lau Eng Boon participated in a collab AMA meeting at 12:30 pm UTC in November 9th that attracted plenty of financial and blockchain investors’ attention. He had an in-depth discussion with a group of industry elites, including Binance Fan Token, about the impact of WEB3 and other topics. All the guests agreed that WEB3’s unique potential will make it the future of finance and business.

Mr. Lau explained in depth the latest regulations introduced by the Singapore government for the WEB3 industry and gave some informative advice for investors. Lau believes that the recent influx of capital and WEB3 companies into Singapore has added many opportunities and challenges, and the government’s introduction of regulations for this purpose is undoubtedly a positive sign of commitment to making Singapore a world center for digital industries.

Apart from the two experts from GIC and Binance Fan Token, guests representing the rest of the quality WEB3 projects also added many highlights to the AMA. Among them, the guests from Koyé, Komio, and NFTSTAR’s introduction of their projects’ new features were also impressive. It is worth mentioning that the conference brought a lot of exposure to the organizer Koyé thus the release of its Mini Koyé NFT increased by more than 200% within 48 hours. As a web3 undersea adventure game from France, Koyé has won the favor of many investors with its stunning next-generation game quality, complete development schedule, and ambitious strategy. It rose to second place in Opensea’s trending list worldwide. And Koyé team has revealed that 80% of the game’s royalties will be used to buy back the Mini Koyé NFT series, which undoubtedly gives Koyé a great possibility to become a new generation of web3 players to create wealth myths.