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Why cannabis sponsors the cleanup of more Colorado highway miles than any other industry

Cannabis companies are the leading sponsors of Colorado highways, accounting for cleanup on two-thirds of the roads maintained by Clean Colorado — a program the industry has leveraged as a loophole in the state’s strict limits on marijuana advertising.

Currently, 51 cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers and edible producers sponsor roadways throughout the state, according to data from the Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation.

Though they represent less than half of all organizations that participate in the Clean Colorado program, those cannabis firms’ reach spans about 198 miles, or 66% of the roads actively sponsored.

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The struggle & success story of the legend of the music industry – Emmanuel Almonor

Haven’t heard of Emmanuel Almonor yet? You must be living under a rock till now! Emmanuel has been all over the media in recent times due to the groundbreaking success of his Record Label. 

Right from an early age of 17, Emmanuel strived to be a successful person and had big dreams. Unlike others, he didn’t simply dream big but worked hard day and night to make those dreams a reality. But it’s easier said than done. He didn’t have the resources and neither the skills required to make it big in any industry. So he chose the best option that he had, which is working hard towards his dreams with whatever little he had at that time. That’s how he started working two jobs at the tender age of 17. Gradually he picked up more minimum pay jobs to make ends meet. There was almost nothing that this amazing young guy couldn’t do. Right from making Hollister & other clothes to repairing Xbox and other electronic items, he did everything. 

Working many jobs 

People at work and even friends would fondly call him Manny and the reason why everyone admired him so much is the fact that he was always ready to try something new. Even at such a young age there was almost nothing that could make him say no. He welcomed every opportunity in his life and hoped to learn something from every job that he took up. Maybe this led to him becoming such a multi-talented person later on in life. 

Rising from the ashes 

Things were going this way until one day the manager of AT&T met him somewhere and was taken aback by his convincing nature and stunning personality. He immediately offered Emmanuel a job at the sales department and that was his first step in the industry where he learned all the tips and tricks right from the experts. Soon he became a professional and was declared to be in the top 10 employee list. Then came the very first promotion of his life which left him overjoyed but things took a turn for the worse when most of his employees left and the entire store was managed by him single-handedly. 

After working double shifts like this for a while, he got multiple promotions and became the district manager. All this time when he was doing everything at the store by himself, he learned a lot about the different business techniques which would not have been possible otherwise. So you can say, to some extent, all those years at AT&T have made him what he is today. 

Becoming a legend! 

Soon after, he met someone who was insanely rich at a poker club and found out that he had a call centre. This intrigued him and he decided to leave everything & become a successful businessman and fulfil all those dreams he had as a child. It didn’t take long for him to launch a chain of businesses in various industries, including income tax, phone, car wash, lawn care, daycare, real estate, Amazon store and many more. Today, he has a globally renowned music label – The Omega Music Marketing which works closely with tons of internationally acclaimed artists & producers like London on the track, Migos, Gambino and many others! Hopefully, we will get to hear more of Omega Music Marketing in the coming years. 

Colorado unveils plan to help bring banking to state’s cannabis industry

With federal banking still out of reach, Gov. Jared Polis unveiled new strategies Monday to entice Colorado banks, credit unions and money transmitters to work with cannabis companies and become leaders in providing financial services to marijuana and hemp businesses.

Polis’s plan renews the state’s commitment to creating a regulatory landscape that affords cannabis businesses access to services widely available to other legal industries, while offering financial institutions support to navigate the industry’s federal grey area.

Because marijuana remains a controlled substance under federal law, Colorado’s dispensaries, cultivations and other businesses have been prohibited from obtaining conventional financial services, such as lines of credits or loans, and the ability to accept credit cards.

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In second year of legal weed, California’s cannabis industry still struggles

As year two of legal cannabis sales in California comes to a close, shoppers are still more likely to buy marijuana from illicit sellers than from state-sanctioned stores that pay taxes and test their products for safety.

California’s 7,000 licensed cannabis businesses — and the state’s tax revenue — are feeling the pinch.

Prominent cannabis companies that a year ago were growing aggressively have, in recent months, laid off hundreds of workers. They say hefty taxes, onerous regulations and competition from a thriving illicit market are forcing them to scale back operations.

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