June 25, 2024

FAMEEX Exchange has today launched its new product; Options Trading, which is available on the FAMEEX mobile app on iOS and Android. The Options Trading product provides a way for traders to make fast paced Options trades on Cryptocurrency pairs. The product allows traders to speculate on the short-term price movement of the underlying assets during 2 set periods of time. This new Options product shows that FAMEEX places product innovation at the forefront, and is well placed to become one of the preeminent exchanges in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.

The FAMEEX Options Trading product is available in 2 different cycle period lengths:

  • 3 Minute
  • 5 Minute

The availability of Options trading on the FAMEEX platform gives users and traders the opportunity to use new strategies to take advantage of very near-term asset price movements. These trades can be combined with the other quant strategies that exist on the platform to improve the overall profit for the trader. Most strategies on FAMEEX are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to allow traders to create extremely customized and in-depth long term trading strategies that can cope with a variety of market conditions.

Using Options trading on FAMEEX, the User is able to execute a very high volume of trades each day compared to options that expire hourly or daily. The 5 Minute expiry period is extremely popular with traders, it is quick enough to be able to capture volatility but the period is also long enough to reflect the overall trend allowing more sensible candlestick chart analysis and safer predictions. Users should review Candlestick data at 1 minute intervals for the best predictive effect when executing 5 minute options trades.

To maintain a successful Options trading strategy, FAMEEX analysts recommend traders keep a close eye on the trade volume and candlestick chart. The candlestick chart gives some obvious clues and indications of future price movements. Careful study will help traders to identify trends and price movements during the following Options trading cycle.

Users do not need to risk their funds immediately. FAMEEX provides demo trading available on the mobile app where traders can practise and enhance their skills and test their strategies. Once users are familiar with the candlestick patterns and operating the trading interface, they will find it far easier to carry out a successful Options trading strategy. The FAMEEX Options trading interface can be found by downloading the mobile app at this LINK.

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