July 14, 2024

TruePNL is proud to feature the most prominent gaming marketplace within the crypto space where users earn crypto while having fun and interacting with others in a completely decentralized way.

We love games and earning, so do you. 

It’s that simple: TruePNL and YAY Games bring you more opportunities to earn crypto while playing!

Why have we chosen YAY.games to be the first among successful projects to launch on the TruePNL platform? Not because of the highly friendly user interface and system flexibility. Not because of successful game playing experience with easy-to-win jackpots.

YAY.games is a fully decentralized Gaming Marketplace with an innovative in-game mining system for network participants. All of the participants can earn lots of coins using three gaming options:

  • In-game Mining
  • Farming
  • Trading

YAY team is made up of a combination of industry experts in both crypto and gaming. While some of them created one of the very first fiat-to-crypto on-ramps with VISA and Mastercard, others have worked as cryptocurrency advisors for over ten years. Moreover, they have launched a number of successful ventures within the gaming industry, narrowed the gap between games and decentralized finance with blockchain technology while creating a new and improved version of the play-to-earn concept.

How much can you earn playing YAY Games?

The platform allows for the following activities:

1) Mining based on the number of games played — i.e. 100 games unlock 1000 YAY.

2) Mining based on ranking — i.e. top-10 will mine 5000 YAY per day.

3) Social Mining — i.e. inviting/challenging/sharing results on social media — i.e. 100 YAY mined per each sharing.

4) In-game Mining — i.e. achieve certain results within the game and unlock YAY and/or NFTs

Tournaments — play with others and earn YAY.

With a team full of expertise in user acquisition, we created a smooth and easy-to-use UX/UI interface guaranteeing a pleasant experience regardless of the users’ crypto/gaming background.

Additionally, the platform supports generous loyalty programs alongside the game mining system. This comes with a bot protection system minimizing the risk of unfair tokens earning or creating multiple wallets. 

TruePNL stands for true projects

TruePNL provides users with high-end DeFi products, aimed to deliver noticeable profit with transparency and convenience of use. The investing products we choose and incorporate for users should follow the same standards. 

The projects TruePNL launches combine years of research and data analysis to provide successful, easy-to-use tools to earn by trading and investing in pioneering blockchain-based projects.

This is what makes TruePNL and YAY Games go on a joint mission to unite the game and the DeFi industry available for both crypto newcomers and olds, helping everyone to earn maximally.

YAY Games aims to popularize the adoption of DeFi and crypto in the funniest way possible.

TruePNL’s launchpad allows investors to discover promising crypto projects and get special deals by funding them at an early stage. 

The YAY Games platform offers a smooth and easy-to-use interface coupled with groundbreaking mining and farming mechanics. Being the first DeFi gaming project to follow such an approach, the platform allows gamers to set up multiple sources of revenue while having fun and playing their favorite games.

Blockchain technology has all the opportunities to reinvent the gaming industry. Joining this at an early stage and learning the ways to earn money may open immense opportunities for you to win the jackpot.