July 14, 2024

The movie director association made an agreement with the blockchain enterprises to commence South Korea NFT movie business and make international movies.

The representative of the movie director association, Roy Kim (CEO of Hackers Holdings Ltd), Jung Il Park (COO of Live Partners Ltd) and Hanna (CEO of FD Holdings Ltd) etc. participated in this agreement ceremony to agree to build a global film award, the global voting and market systems, NFT business for South Korea movies, decentralised voting and consensus of South Korea movie industry.

The director ‘Yoonho Yang’ commented “South Korea movie contents are leading a global market. However, South Korea film market, the distribution channels of South Korea movies, movie industry and the prestige of South Korea film award is far behind from the global level. I am looking forward to pulling the global attention by collaborating with block chain technology.”

The operation director of Live Partners Ltd ‘JungIl Park’ also commented “The fact South Korea does not have a global film award like Oscar clearly shows there is a big gap between the high quality of South Korea movies and the low global recognition of South Korea movie industry. This is why we make a blueprint for future with movie directors.”

The movie director ‘MinYong Lee’ said “we already have enough technology to digitalize, globalize South Korea movies and distribute capital for South Korea movie industry. Now, it is a great timing to discuss together; movie directors, IT enterprises and other investors when the perfect timing is to release South Korea films and movie contents to the global market. I feel a heavy responsibility to commence NFT business and expand its business in the movie industry.