July 14, 2024

Originator and CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor made a new tweet on Twitter saying that the organization has purchased an extra 3,907 Bitcoins. This buy cost them $177 million in real money. That makes it about a normal cost of $45,294 in real money per Bitcoin. Starting today, the firm holds a sum of 108,992 bitcoins. For this assortment up until now, the organization has spent a sum of $2.918 billion. This brings the cost of each of their bitcoins to a normal of $26,769 per BTC.

MicroStrategy is as of now the biggest autonomous traded on an open market business insight firm with the main venture examination stage. All the more in this way, MicroStrategy has been on a huge Bitcoin buy frenzy. All the more in this way, the firm accepts that 2021 is the fabulous year for Bitcoin. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin buying binge got going in December 2020 with an underlying $650 million BTC buy.

As far as Bitcoin market position is dependent on market capitalization, Bitcoin keeps on being the lord of digital money. Thusly, the market capitalization of the crypto sums to more than $912 billion. Additionally, Bitcoin digital money is presently being recognized by more firms all throughout the planet. Hence, we can say that Bitcoin has a gigantic potential to be the fate of the installment framework on the planet. Today on the 24th of August, the cost of BTC swings between $49.4k to $49.8k with a 30-day development pace of more than +35.3%.


  • Michael Saylor tweets that MicroStrategy purchased more Bitcoin.
  • MicroStrategy just purchased an extra 3,907 Bitcoin at the cost of $177 million.
  • The firm presently holds an aggregate of 108,992 Bitcoins.

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