April 15, 2024

The talk of Metaverse is echoing on every corner of the internet nowadays. Creation of an entire world virtually in which people can take up roles and function as a society might just be the biggest advancement in the 21st century. An NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokken) is a digital currency that has a unique and non-interchangeable code in it. There can only be one owner in the whole world to a particular NFT. 

Digital assets like NFTs and crypto are going to be the tools of functionality in meta universes. NFT is also the division in digital currency in which people can get as creative as possible with discreet artworks on the tokens. 

MetaMobs is the first of the NFT trilogy that will have an interactive ‘Metaverse Dystopia’. This NFT collection consists of three characters: The Undead, The Survivors and The Cyborgs. All three character groups have their own agenda to function inside the Metaverse. 

NFTs have been in steady growth ever since their introduction as “coloured coins” in 2012-2013. Even last year (2020) when global finance was vulnerable because of the coronavirus, people considered NFTs as a worthy place to invest in as proven by the graph. 

Source: https://nonfungible.com/market/history 

The Storyline of MetaMobs

The analogy is that the Undead rose and laid waste to the Metaverse land and the Survivors of the apocalypse fought back with their advanced weapons while they had to compete with Cyborgs who time travel. 

The line of action surrounds the enemy and ally forces who are quite indistinguishable when it comes to their intention. The call of duty is to find out if the undead are simply invaders with a hunger for blood or if the Cyborgs have really come as saviours. 

The Concept Behind MetaMobs 

MetaMobs is based on the concept of Decentralised Autonomous Mobs also known as (DAM). this system helps the community to elect a leader and choose a governing body which will also decide the strategy of the gameplay. Both the ownership and DAM rights are built on top of the DME to provide extra utility and value proposition. Ultimately, the token holders become the decision-makers for the MetaMobs franchise. DME (Decision Making Engine) is a web3 engine that is used for elections and other decision-making processes to make the platform democratic. 

There are in total 9999 MetaMobs NFT presented in 3 categories, each one costing 0.045 ETH and a single transaction can mint up to 20 NFTs. A portion of the profit in MetaMob will be donated to child care NGOs chosen by the community. 

The Advantages of Buying NFTs Directly During Minting

You can also use some of the ideas from this: https://www.nftradius.com/meta-mobs-innovative-gamified-nft-trilogy-of-dystopian-metaverse-art-ein-news-nftradius/


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