July 14, 2024

In 2022, the energy price index increased by over 26 percent. This follows a 50% increase between January 2020 and December of the following year (2021). The price surge has also been reflected in coal and natural gas. Within 2 years (April 2020 – April 2022), crude oil prices have increased astronomically by over 350 percent. The International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report detailing that fossil fuel consumption subsidies surpassed USD1 trillion in 2022. This was the first-ever occurrence in the energy industry. 

As the world desperately searches for solutions to help reduce rising energy costs, EHP Technology has taken the initiative to proffer lasting solutions to the problem. EHP is a 5th-generation, revolutionary green energy solution designed to cut out our reliance on fossil fuels and entrench affordable clean, and renewable energy. 

Reducing Energy Costs

One of the significant means through which EHP Technology reduces the burden of high energy costs is by integrating up to 100 percent clean energy sources. In cases where it is not feasible to utilize clean energy sources, EHP-based products can decrease the usage of fossil fuels while functioning optimally. For instance, in old houses or factories where you cannot use a renewable energy source, EHP-based products can reduce fossil fuel consumption by up to 67%. 

In new homes, office buildings, and factories that can be fitted with a renewable energy source, EHP products need between 28-35 degree Celsius to pump and circulate water within the building. Without the need for fossil fuel in such cases, you can cut down the energy consumption of heating and cooling your home by up to 100%. For big factories, refineries, and power plants, EHP Technology can help recapture waste heat, which can, in turn, be utilized for energy generation. Below 70 degrees Celsius, only EHP can recapture waste heat worldwide. This approach helps our planet save up to 1/3 of its daily energy needs.

Some Advantages of Using EHP Technology 

  • Eco-Friendly 

The fact that EHP can be fully integrated into renewable energy sources is good for the future of our planet. This way, greenhouse gas emissions are greatly reduced by decreasing fossil fuel usage. EHP-based products can save approximately 375 million tons of carbon dioxide yearly.

  • It is Affordable

Unlike its counterparts in the market, one of the major selling points of EHP Technology is its cost-effectiveness. Once purchased, EHP products will continue to work as long as there is no damage and they are not emptied. Additionally, the products do not need any form of maintenance or auxiliary materials to work. 

  • EHP is Highly Efficient 

As a revolutionary technology developed with advanced engineering tools, the efficiency of EHP is outstanding. For example, the technology can increase the efficiency of roof heating systems by up to 47%, increase that of heat pump systems by over 59%, steel panel radiators by 67%, etc. 


There is currently no technology in the world that can perform at the same level as EHP Technology. It is an ingenious creation and can turn the tides around regarding the growing threat of the energy crisis worldwide.  

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