July 14, 2024

Citrus Gaming Token- All you need to know.

The citrus gaming token is going to be one of the most revolutionary crypto-token in recent years. The best thing about this token is it will offer you many USPs with a total supply of 383 million. It will make a private sale by aiming to make revolutionary changes. This is the future of the upcoming crypto market, and you should have knowledge about this. It is aiming to reach out globally to leverage the blockchain system. If you want to be a part of this revolutionary project launch, then first check every major thing about things. Let’s check some more factors about citrus tokens.

Token distribution

The overall token supply of Citrus is 383 million but Citrus have burnt 3 million tokens and they are not included in the below distribution. 

In private sale 53.2 million tokens are decided to be distributed with the initial pricing of $0.50 in the first week. The price will increase in the second ($0.75) and third week ($0.95) on the following basis. 

The distribution is distributed based on the following factors that include future locking, initial Dex offering, private sale, innovation projects, team & advisory, marketing, advance ecosystem, and bounty & airdrop. 

Each factor holds a certain amount of supply, but the future locking factor covers a huge share of 43% of the whole supply. Besides that, the private sale covers 14% and initial Dex covers 14%, Team & advisory, Bounty & airdrop holds the 5% of whole supply. Moreover, the innovation projects hold 11.5% of the share, and finally, the marketing factor the lowest share of 3%.

So, if you want to understand this in more detail then here is it:

  • Total supply: 383,000,000
  • Future locking: 163, 400, 000
  • Innovative projects: 43,800,000
  • Team development: 19,000,000
  • Bounty & airdrop: 17,000,000
  • Initial Dex offering: 53,200,00
  • Marketing: 11,400,000
  • Private sale: 53,200,000

For future locking, almost 163.4 million tokens are locked for five years. After this period, almost ten million tokens are released. These tokens are used in the blockchain industry and for creating governance as well as banking tokens.


Innovative launch

Citrus will soon be going to launch decentralized games, social media applications, exchanges, and NFTs by holding numerous amounts of possibilities. They are aiming to create their position in the global crypto Defi marketplace where people can feel safe and secure. 

The team of Citrus is working hard to aim to create a most promising crypto ecosystem for the individuals who have the right to participate in the growth by leveraging the advanced instruments. Overall, this is a user-oriented automated entity that is looking to hit the industry of blockchain and leverage them with a bunch of possibilities in the upcoming future. 

The team already decided on their roadmap and found the way to their success. The audience will be going to witness unprecedented changes in the industry in the upcoming days. 


Blockchain Games

Citrus is a gaming token that is going to make major changes in the blockchain games industry by introducing innovative games. It is going to introduce some high tech multiplayer online game which is based on the technologies like Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. These technologies it is going to transform the entire galaxy of the gaming industry. Through Citrus games, a player can achieve a plethora of benefits like bonus amounts, sharing rewards, and many more without any hidden cost.

Legitimate Team

The team of Citrus is fully legitimate and spreading throughout the continents for creating the blockchain solution and gaming token for the world. It has a team of experts who belong to marketers, tech experts, and finance managers. The team of Citrus is working hard to create innovative gaming tokens that will change the industry of blockchain.

Audited Code

This is a major fact that makes citrus the best cryptocurrency to invest in low price. It includes an analysis of codes. The constant auditing process eliminates the chances of errors and bugs in the system. In this way, it is free from all the major security threats. Every component has been audited separately to ensure that there are no breaches.

Practical useCase

This will become the one and only cryptocurrency token that you can invest in for buying real-life assets. You can buy groceries, household appliances, and many more that is people dreaming about. 

Affix System

The giant whales and humpbacks in the system have made the cryptocurrency world volatile. However, through the Affix system, an investor can hold the limited worth of Citrus Token in a single wallet until the conclusion of a Private sale.


The team has decided to distribute the 5% liquidity of the private sale to covid relief funds or NGOs for helping people. This is the best crypto to buy 2021.

Private sale

In the upcoming days, it is going to grab the attention of investors with the initial price of 0.50 USD in the private sale of the first week. In detail, 53.2 million crypto token are distributed in the three week private sale.

The sale begins from the 11th of July 2021 that will continue over the 3 phases for 21 days. In the second and third week of sale, the initial price will be increased up to 0.75$ and 0.95$. So, get ready to be a part of the private sale and invest few amounts in experiencing a better future. 

Why is it good for investors? 

Referral bonus

The team has decided to offer the investors a referral bonus. Those who want to invest in this and be a part of the future of Citrus then they are welcome. The investors are allowed to join more and more people in the group of investors to expand the network. This referral bonus will be delivered to the investors as soon as any of the existing holder’s referral purchases a CTS. In some days, the investor will be credited with 5% of the transactions automatically.


This is the more interesting reward that is provided to the investors is Citrus gives away challenge. You can get the chance to participate in the scratch card and lucky draw programs. Besides that, the initial investors have the chance to earn free tokens so that they can buy and people aware of purchasing more and more citrus tokens to expand the citrus family.

Citrus- An innovative project

To make Citrus popular globally and the fastest growing cryptocurrency, the team focuses on the expansion of the industry. To make Citrus a globally renowned gamer token crypto, a significant amount of time, energy, and the fund need to be invested. 

All the funds that are received by the distribution of tokens are further redistributed to building games, CitrusEx, Global brands, and Dapps. 

The 5% of the total token will be invested on the Citrus team for expanding and driven the industries. Along with that, 3% of the total token will be delivered for marketing purposes. In this way, they promote Citrus on various channels.

Revenue streams of citrus tokens

  1. Citrus games

The citrus game is developed through multiple technologies that include virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. It uses haptic technology for enhancing the gaming sphere. These technologies are used with the blockchain for creating their innovation. All the revenue that will generate by downloading these games will be invested in the gaming industry and for strengthening the citrus community.

Citrus is considered a specialized gaming app developer that is aiming to build a personal assistant application like Findersnap. They will be aiming to develop a kind of app that can minimize the issue of cellphone theft. 

  • Decentralized applications

This is the growing movement that is happening to reinforce the blockchain industry on the basis of business models. The citrusDapps are projected to run on empowering mega projects such as the JUICE.



The citrus token is the best token to invest in 2021 that is going to make a revolution in the life of gamers. There are almost 2 billion gamers worldwide, but they don’t receive bonus points and rewards. Through citrus tokens, they will receive some innovative changes. 

What is Citrus Token?

A citrus token is we be known as the best defi crypto token that is aiming to lead the industry in the upcoming days with a plethora of advantages. It will be going to make some promising changes in the industry of gaming and crypto by reaching out to crypto investors and gamers worldwide.

It finds a bunch of innovative projects that are developed by innovative thinkers to make some growth and changes in global transactions. This is going to be one of the most popular and best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. 


By considering the overall things, there is a huge chance that soon it will be going to reach $100. So, be ready to experience the positive changes through the best cryptocurrency to invest in.