June 19, 2024

TurboXBT is an emerging short-term trading platform with innovative and customer centric features that can guarantee instant profitability to all of its users. The exchange allows for the trading of synthetic digital assets, through a well designed platform interface with one of the most responsive trading algorithms in the industry.

This description of TurboXBT is just a tip of the iceberg of the integrated features the platform prides itself on, and in this article, we will share an overview of why you should care about the newest trading platform in the industry.

The TurboXBT Primary Ideology

Several trading platforms typically make their debut with various agendas, some of which are noble, while some are notably self-serving. In the years prior to the launch of the TurboXBT platform, we sat down to understand what is currently obtainable in the digital asset trading ecosystem as we have it today. 

Our research birthed various discoveries, including the reality that many exchanges place a high barrier to entry for digital asset traders in various forms. These include but are not limited to high commission, compulsory Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement, restrictive deposit and withdrawal amounts, and complicated trading interfaces.

The fundamental ideology upon which TurboXBT operates is to take a clearly different approach from what is obtainable in the industry. Thus far, we have made good with this plan as we do not charge any commission on deposits, withdrawals, and earnings on trades that go on on our platform. TurboXBT has also lowered the barriers to entry for all traders as no minimum trading fee is set.

TurboXBT also lets all traders keep control of their personal data as Know Your Customer requirements are not needed to hop on board. You can check out our earlier blog post on why we maintain a no-KYC policy for all users. All of TurboXBT’s features are unique to the platform and they are all targeted at offering users additional value with the best trading experience.

No Compromise on High Earnings and Instant Payouts

TurboXBT can boldly be tagged as one of the trading or investment platforms that offer the highest return per trade and within a reasonable period of time. Despite its futuristic features, the platform does not compromise its high earnings and instant payouts and offers as much as 90% per trade.

TurboXBT supports a total of 17 assets, across various markets including digital currencies, commodities, indices and foreign exchange. These assets make up a total of 38 trading pairs, all of which are designed with their own unique payout rates. While these payout rates change in line with the events in the underlying market, the least profitable pair will return as much as 55 to 70% earnings per trade.

The trades are either UP contracts to bet on price gains or DOWN contracts for price fall. The time frame for each trade spans from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 15 minutes.

TurboXBT and its Affiliate Program

Beyond trading, the TurboXBT platform also operates an affiliate program that permits all of its partners to earn a lifetime income from referring other traders to the platform. Tagged the RevShare program, TurboXBT allows anyone to share 50% of the profits from referred traders, for as long as they keep using the platform to trade. The TurboXBT RevShare program does not have any limit on the minimum or maximum payments, and those interested can sign up using this link. 

The additional perks TurboXBT offers are customizable, and there is a high level of commitment to developing the protocol better in order to provide more value to users across the globe.

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