May 25, 2024

Studies show that a lack of respect is one of the main predictors of a breakup.

So, what is the definition of respect? Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

When you are genuinely respected, you will feel appreciated, seen, and safe in the relationship. On the other hand, when you are disrespected, you may feel wary, angry, and resentful. Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect. Here are eight signs that he doesn’t respect you, and if so, say that magical four-letter word: NEXT!

#1 He Ignores Your Boundaries.

Healthy relationships are all about establishing and respecting one another’s boundaries, which can be physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and time-related. Research has found that discomfort caused by boundary violations can lead to anxiety and other kinds of fallout in our personal and professional relationships. He may not come right out and say he doesn’t care, respect, or value your boundaries, but he will playfully push you on them or joke around (“aww come on, don’t be a prude”). Things said jokingly like this aren’t jokes.

#2 He Lies

It shows that he doesn’t care about how his actions impact your life and is only thinking about himself. Even small white lies can be harmful.

#3 He Cheats on You

If he cheats on you, he doesn’t love you because it’s the ultimate disrespect. Emotional cheating counts too, and if he has cheated in the past, say NEXT!

#4 He Weaponizes Your Feelings

In a relationship, you should feel safe enough to open up, share deep thoughts and experiences, and lean on your partner for comfort and support. If your partner takes the things you share and throws them back in your face — whether it’s to hurt you, win an argument, or for any other reason — it’s a major red flag.

#5 He Verbally Abuses You During an Argument

Take note of how your partner acts when you’re in a fight. Screaming, shouting, name-calling, mocking, and getting in your face are all signs of disrespect. Listening, trying to understand your perspective/point of view, and taking ownership of his actions are signs of respect. Also, more subtle things like being condescending, mocking, or speaking poorly about you to others (even in a joking way) are signs of disrespect.

#6 He Constantly Interrupts You When You’re Talking

If he constantly interrupts you when you try to speak, it shows he thinks what he has to say is more important than your thoughts. He doesn’t respect what you offer, which is rude. It shows he believes he’s superior to you, and it’s poor communication.

#7 He’s Controlling

Seventhly, if he’s controlling, it’s a sign that you lack privacy and independence. Do you have to explain where you’re going and who will be there? Does he always check your phone or open your mail or journal? That’s unacceptable!

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#8 He Makes Big Decisions Without You

Lastly, a relationship is a team. You have to discuss big things when it comes to spending a chunk of money or having family stay over for an extended period of time.

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