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El Paso County breaks up three illegal marijuana grows

Three illegal marijuana growing operations were uncovered and raided in El Paso County on Wednesday, with more than 700 plants, worth an estimated $700,000, seized.

Investigators also seized $28,000 and five firearms while serving search warrants at three locations, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

El Paso sheriffIllegal marijuana raids in El Paso County.

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Danish Watchdog Penalizes 16 Illegal Gambling Websites

The Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden, has blocked access to 16 gambling websites operating illegally on the territory of Denmark, the regulator announced on Wednesday.

The agency sought a district court permission to block the unauthorized gambling operations this past February. It was given the green light to proceed with the planned blocking a month later.

The regulator informed the public on Wednesday that it has carried out the task successfully in collaboration with Danish Internet service providers.

Denmark reorganized its gambling market in 2012 when it adopted a legal framework authorizing the Danish Gambling Authority to issue licenses to online gaming and sports betting operators interested to provide their services in a regulated environment.

After the reorganization of the local market, the regulator has also been monitoring the space for unauthorized operations and has uncovered multiple unlicensed activities being conducted on the territory of Denmark.

Including the latest 16 websites, the Gambling Authority has brought successful actions before the district court for a total of 90 illegal online gambling operations.

According to information posted on the regulator’s official website earlier this week, the latest 16 penalized operations included seven online casino websites, seven skin betting websites, and two sports betting websites.

Skin betting constitutes gambling with virtual items from video games under Denmark’s gambling law.

Clamping Down on Unauthorized Gambling

Commenting on their latest action against illegal gambling operations, Spillemyndigheden Director Morten Niels Jakobsen said that they “work to protect players against illegal gambling” and that they also need to make sure that locally licensed operators “can run their businesses under orderly conditions.”

The gambling regulator went on to say that this is the reason why it is “very important for us to clamp down on gambling offered without a license.”

It is part of the Danish Gambling Authority’s responsibilities to monitor the local market by conducting regular searches for potentially illegal operations targeting Danish players. The regulator does this in collaboration with the Danish Tax Agency.

When Spillemyndigheden uncovers websites that offer illegal gambling or “illegal mediation of gambling”, it sends a petition to the owners of the websites, notifying them that they are violating the country’s gambling laws and that they should shut their operations for Danish customers.

If the websites continue to service Danish gamblers after receiving the petition, the Danish Gambling Authority can have them blocked by local Internet service providers after receiving district court permission.

As mentioned above, 90 websites have been blocked after the regulator had interfered since the reorganization of Denmark’s online gambling space in 2012. The Gambling Authority has uncovered more unauthorized operations but most of them have ceased targeting Danish customers after receiving a petition, the regulatory body says.

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Detectives bust illegal marijuana grow operation in Santa Ana

Detectives acting on community tips raided an illegal grow operation in Santa Ana on Thursday, seizing more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana and more than 2,500 plants.

Community complaints regarding an illegal business drew vice and narcotics detectives to the facility in the 2000 block of South Ritchey, according to a Santa Ana Police Department statement.

While carrying out a search warrant for two separate buildings, the detectives found what police described as a sophisticated marijuana grow operation.

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“You need to be an ostrich” not to see illegal Indian sports betting market, says lawyer

The positives of legalising sports betting in India outweigh the negatives, according to an Indian gaming lawyer.

Co-Head of Media Entertainment and Gaming Practice at Nishith Desai Associates, Ranjana Adhikari, spoke to Gambling Insider about where sports betting in India stands today, with the biggest hurdle its link to match-fixing in sport.

Despite sports betting in India being deemed illegal, the estimated size of the betting black market was worth $130bn in 2018, according to statistics from service network KPMG.

However, horseracing betting was made legal by the Supreme Court in 1996 due to being based on skill – with skill games allowed under The Public Gambling Act. Adhikari used this example as a reason in support of finally legalising sports betting in the cricket-mad nation.

She said: “The decision to legalise horseracing, in essence the court is saying the underlying sport is a game of skill, therefore betting on it should fall outside the prohibitions of the law. I can apply the same logic to betting on cricket or any other sport.

“The biggest positive to legalising sports betting would be recognising that there’s already a black market out there so if you legalise it, you bring in revenue to the exchequer.

“There’s money that can be brought in through taxation, both in the form of gaming and corporate tax. There will be a proper tracking system, in terms of seeing the source of funds, which will help. It would also be a very positive step to protecting the player.

“You need to be an ostrich to not realise it’s already existing; the underground market has grown massively in the past seven years. The taxation being lost and the number of people who are already participating and run the risk of losing money, you’re not able to protect them or have things in place such as responsible gaming. Legislating will bring in all of this.”

In terms of negatives, Adhikari mentions India has a perception problem with sports betting, which has been linked to match-fixing.

The biggest example of match-fixing in India was the IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket scandal of 2013, where three Indian cricketers, including ICC World Cup winner Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, were arrested and banned from the sport, accused of fixing matches.

She added: “Somewhere there is an underlying connection between sports betting and match-fixing, at least in terms of perception, which is why the authorities in general have been extremely anxious towards sports betting as a concept.

“An actual con to legalising it could be the manner of legislating it. If you have extremely onerous conditions involved, in terms of who can participate and you make it an elitist group or make licenses very onerous, I think you’re going to make the problem bigger instead of trying to resolve it; because it would create more chaos in the market.

“What needs to happen has to be very thought-out and the criteria set out has to be conducive enough for the offering of the business in a very legitimate fashion.”

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State confiscates nearly 1 million marijuana plants, arrests 148 in 2019 effort to combat illegal grows

LOS ANGELES — State Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Monday the arrests of 148 people so far this year during the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting Program enforcement effort, the nation’s largest such multi-agency eradication program.

During this year’s effort, CAMP personnel also eradicated 953,459 marijuana plants from 345 raided grow sites across the state and seized 168 weapons, Becerra announced at a downtown Los Angeles news conference.

“Illegal cannabis grows are devastating our communities,” Becerra said. “Criminals who disregard life, poison our waters, damage our public lands and weaponize the illegal cannabis black market will be brought to justice.”

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Legal weed didn’t stop illegal deals

It wasn’t so long ago that marijuana was illegal in Massachusetts. But even though cannabis sales and use have the green light in the Bay State, illicit deals haven’t disappeared — they’ve just been refined.

In Massachusetts, marijuana retailers are prohibited from knowingly selling more than one ounce of pot or its dry-weight equivalence to a customer within a single day. Illicit dealers get around that by visiting a licensed cannabis store several times in one day, buying the maximum allowed on each visit, aka “looping.” They also visit several shops to make buys on the same day, known as “smurfing.”

Armed with fresh supplies, they either sell across state lines, or to local customers.

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