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AI In Gaming 2020 and ILPS 2020 20% SALE

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Eventus International

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Eventus International is a dynamic, summit and exhibition company that connects leaders with leaders and turns opportunity into possibility. We utilise our vast networks and expertise to create forward thinking summits that align best practice and industry development with empowering content and outstanding networking opportunities.

Our summits and exhibitions have a longstanding reputation for gathering primary stakeholders in the industry to discuss the future of the gaming sector. We operate in profitable vertical industries with significant international growth potential while promoting the growth of emerging markets.

Every summit we produce is designed to provide practical solutions to strategic, tactical and technical challenges and shed light on new opportunities in the sector.

We are renowned for producing exclusive, niche events, hosting C-Level executive audiences and gathering decision makers under the same roof while ensuring gender diversity and inclusion throughout.

The high standards that we set for ourselves are responsible for the success of events such as the Sports Betting East Africa+, SPiCE India, Sports Betting West Africa+, Cyprus Gaming Show, Scandinavian Gaming Show, AI In Gaming, International Lottery Play Summit, iGaming Germany (iGG), All-in Gaming Ukraine Summit, Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo (GAME), Gaming Expo Francophone Africa, ACE (Affiliate Conference & Expo) 2020, Play Social – Social Gaming China and the All American Sports Betting Summit.

GAME (Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo) 2020 on 24 April 2020

The Greece gaming market has been teeming with a plethora of development during the last few months ranging from the submission of draft gambling regulations to significant action on the landbased gambling scene.

Against the backdrop of all this motion, Eventus International brings you GAME (Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo) 2020, a one day conference and networking summit geared at exploring the current gaming environment in Greece while networking with industry peers and global market leaders in the gaming sector, setting the foundation for the Gaming & Affiliate Marketing Expo of 2021.

GAME 2020 will take place on 24 April 2020 at Royal Olympics in Athens, Greece.


Mark the date and register now to profit from the multiple opportunities presented by GAME 2020:

  • Learn from international world-class speakers
  • Gain from this key occasion to network with other C-Level executives in your industry
  • Obtain knowledge on the most current status of the gaming market in Greece and the surrounding regions
  • Discover how you can expand your business in this vibrant, evolving market
  • Participate in high-level, dynamic discussions
  • Acquire new ideas while refining your existing concepts


The Call for speakers is open! Calling all gaming operators, regulators, industry professionals, technical service providers, marketing specialists and more!

If you are interested in speaking at GAME 2020, please contact us on [email protected]

Betsson struggles in Europe as Q4 revenue drops 10%

Betsson saw revenue of SEK 1.29bn ($134m) for Q4 2019, a decrease of 10% year-on-year.

Casino revenue also fell by 10%, while sportsbook revenue dropped by 9%.

The operator’s full-year revenue for 2019 was SEK 5.16bn, down 5% from 2018, while operating income was SEK 865m, a decrease of 38%.

Net income fell 27% at SEK 787.1m, and operating cash flow amounted to SEK 1.15bn, a drop of 10%.

Betsson attributed the decline in revenue to its development in Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands, which “continued to be weak.”

Despite this, the operator was pleased with its sportsbook gross turnover, which it said “had developed strongly both during the fourth quarter and the full year 2019.”

Pontus Lindwall, President and CEO of Betsson AB, said: “The operating profit shows Betsson’s ability to deliver profitability, also during the challenges that 2019 entailed.

“We had expected some recovery in the closing fourth quarter, above all in the Swedish market, but we did not reach our objectives there.

“Up until now, one year after the Swedish re-regulation, we have still not seen the market consolidation that we expect due to the great number of operators, many of them showing no profitability.”

Despite the results themselves, Betsson’s share price rose from SEK 45.00 SEK to SEK 48.18 on the morning of its financial update.

Swedish channelisation simply isn’t working

Tobias Fagerlund, CEO of Global Gaming, believes the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) needs to urgently address channelisation rates in the Swedish market.

Speaking with Gambling Insider at ICE London 2020, Fagerlund explained why he believes SGA attempts to increase channelisation rates are currently failing.

He said: “It is vital for the SGA and the Swedish authorities to get channelisation to work, as now it simply doesn’t.

“It is too easy for the consumer to play the same games as they do with the licensed operators, using the same payment methods as they use with licensed operators, but with an unlicensed offering.”

Fagerlund argued this not only has a negative impact for licensed operators, but also for attempts to improve responsible gambling through Sweden’s national self-exclusion scheme, Spelpaus.

He said: “The players who have signed up for Spelpaus are two clicks away from getting the same offer, but also including bonuses, kick-backs and VIP treatments on unlicensed sites. It’s a huge problem for the Swedish legislation.”

Explaining one potential solution to the problem, Fagerlund proposed licenses for gaming suppliers should receive greater scrutiny.

He said: “They need to look at licenses and certificates for game providers and actually say to them that if they provide games to Swedish licensed operators, then you cannot also provide them to unlicensed operators – that will cost you something.

“It’s important the authorities take a humble approach to the first year of re-regulation and are prepared to make changes on these things.”

How to complain about cryptocurrency exchanges

Filing a complaint it’s never something someone would like to do, really. It does not matter what you are filing it for. It is kind of a bad feeling. Something must have gone wrong previously, that led to the complaint.

The best way to avoid any cryptocurrency fraud is to be prepared and do detailed research before investing. Self-education is really important when it comes to buying any kind of crypto. You need to have a lot of information and read lots of guides on how to buy and safely store those cryptocurrencies. There are many online exchanges out there so take your time and do a little investigation to make sure everything is smooth and secure. Buying cryptocurrencies it’s not the same as buying a product on E-Bay or Amazon, because you are investing your money in something you expect a nice return. (ROI)

You should especially be careful before you invest in coins that are not listed on big exchanges. However, let’s say you made a mistake and you got scammed or you feel like something went wrong. Well, now you will most probably file a complaint.

If you are looking to complain about cryptocurrency exchanges most probably you did not receive your virtual currencies, you lost your funds or you are not able to withdraw your funds from an exchange market. 

It sucks because you were so excited when you started trading and got so happy making money online. Now, suddenly, you find yourself looking for a place to complain against a cryptocurrency exchange or Bitcoin businesses.

There is actually a little legal resource available due to the unregulated nature of bitcoin and other crypto companies for customers who fell victim to scams or to those who lost funds due to different operational issues or account closures on exchange trading platforms.

To learn more in detail about blockchain and cryptocurrencies overall then Ivan On Tech is one of the leaders in this industry. He has more than 200K subscribers and covers all topics. 

But this does not mean that people have not tried before.

Below we present you the ways to complain about cryptocurrency exchanges. it’s a platform that has been created to help people around the world complain about crypto exchanges. All you need to do is go to and select “Create Complaint”.  Then you can select the best option that describes your issue such as General Trading Issues, Liquidation, API Issues, Withdrawal,  General Account Issues, Issues with Wallet, Issues with Deposit or other issues. Also on this website you can see a complete list of the most exciting and popular exchanges, and the newest ones as well

U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) 

Congress, on November 21, 2019, introduced a bill that classified certain stablecoins as securities under the Securities Act of 1933. The focus has been increased since Facebook announced in June 2019 that it was going to create its own cryptocurrency, “Libra” that was backed by U.S. Treasuries and a basket of currencies. Since then, politicians and regulators paid more attention to money laundering, privacy, and national security. These congressional actions will likely influence regulators and cryptocurrency markets in 2020 although the bill is still far from becoming law. Well, we can at least say that something finally is being done. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Actually, there is something that can be done if you feel like you have been victimized.

If you are a United States (US) customer, you can send your complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFBP).  If you feel like a cryptocurrency exchange or bitcoin has been irresponsible and has resulted in the loss of your funds then you can reach out to CFSB and file a complaint. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a government agency in the United States, which is tasked with customer protection in the financial sector. After filing the complaint they will investigate the matter.

It could be a lengthy process considering that it is a government body, but hey, at least there is someone out there, who cares and can help you!

When you start the complaint, make sure you get everything right and accurate. All the details including the dates, amounts and other documents you want to include such as letters and billing statements from the company.

You can actually report Report fraud and other suspicious activity involving cryptocurrency, or other digital assets to:

        the FTC at

        the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) at

        the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) at  


Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Well, not all the traders live in the United States, obviously. In the United Kingdom (UK) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects customers against the losses when different companies go through liquidation.  But these companies have to be “authorized” financial companies, which unfortunately does not include crypto-financial companies since they cannot become authorized due to the lack of regulation in the cryptocurrency space.


Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Stats show that more than 1,200 Australians complained to the national consumer watchdog about cryptocurrency scams in 2017. The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) Scamwatch, has received 1,289 complaints related to bitcoin in 2017, with reported losses totalling $1,218,206.

If you are a trader and you live in Australia the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) regulates fair trading and enforces customer laws. Many people who live in Australia have fallen victims to bitcoin scams and have laid complaints with the (ACCC).  The results might not be as expected, but at least there is one door where you can knock! 

You are totally eligible according to the law to recover what was taken from you. You just need to have the right evidence and the right approach and then you can recover what was lost. If you or someone you know was a victim of a fraud, it would probably be best to speak with a financial fraud recovery expert.

This company assists victims of financial fraud. They track wallet addresses of false companies, individuals and brokers using a sophistical high tech.

According to their website, they represented over 1300 client cases.

Consequently, they handled all of them and won 1201 cases. It would not hurt to check it out, so go take a look and maybe book an appointment!

Well, hopefully, everything will go right for you and you will never need to file a complaint related to any cryptocurrency exchange, but if you ever need to do so, we hope you will find this article helpful.

In case you are looking to manage your portfolio and track it all the time the is an app that has every feature required. 

Yggdrasil Becomes SPER Member to Promote Responsible Gambling in Sweden

Innovative provider of content and related solutions for the iGaming industry Yggdrasil today announced that it has become a member of the Swedish Gambling Association (Spelbranschens riksorganisation, SPER).

The recently granted membership provides Yggdrasil with the opportunity to help promote a “healthy, safe, and sustainable gambling environment” in the year-old regulated online gambling market of Sweden.

SPER was founded in 2002 by Svenska Spel, ATG, and Folkspel. These operators were the only ones authorized to provide gambling services on the territory of the Scandinavian nation at the time.

Since the reorganization of the Swedish market in early 2019, more operators and industry providers have joined the trade body. SPER now has 20 members that are committed to acting in a socially responsible manner.

Each SPER member has agreed to follow universal gambling and marketing guidelines and has pledged to a code of ethics that aims to ensure player protection.

Yggdrasil itself hails from Sweden. The company’s headquarters are located in the Scandinavian nation, while its operational HQ is set in Malta. It also runs offices in Poland and Gibraltar. Founded in 2013, Yggdrasil has quickly become one of the leading providers of content for the online gaming industry, with its portfolio including online slots, table games, and bingo titles.

Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Commenting on the announcement that Yggdrasil has joined SPER, the iGaming provider’s CEO, Fredrik Elmqvist, said that they always strive to act in a socially responsible manner and that industry collaboration is needed to achieve the highest standards to ensure players are protected.”

Mr. Elmqvist went on that “social responsibility is an important part of our work at Yggdrasil and by joining SPER we are committing to ensuring that the Swedish gambling market is both safe and sustainable.”

SPER CEO Jenny Nilzon added that they are thrilled to welcome Yggdrasil as their newest supplier member and to further grow their network “as it is more important than ever for all industry stakeholders to cooperate and ensure consumer protection is in focus.

Sweden is one of the many regulated jurisdictions Yggdrasil is certified to provide its products in. Earlier this year, the company also nabbed a B2B license by the Isle of Man Supervision Commission. The newly obtained license enabled the content provider to secure long-term presence across a number of existing markets and further solidified its regulated growth approach.

Yggdrasil has also recently launched its new Publishing division as part of a new strategic approach it is set to implement in a bid to secure continued growth in the new decade. The provider’s new arm offers its clients “the key to its kingdom” and provides the tools and solutions they need to build and manage a complete B2B online gaming business.

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February Brings Exciting Line-up of New Microgaming Slots

Online gaming provider Microgaming this week revealed the line-up of February releases from its independent casino content studios.

The new games are set to soon join the supplier’s content aggregation platform and be rolled out across its ever-growing network of operator partners.

The first new game was actually launched on Tuesday. It was created exclusively for Microgaming by Alchemy Gaming, one of the several independent studios that the Isle of Man-based games provider has teamed up with in recent months.

Alchemy Gaming’s latest game release is titled Wheel of Wishes. It is a five-reel, ten-payline progressive online slot that features captivating graphics and matching soundtrack. The game is set against the sands of Arabia, a world of mystery and riches, and offers unique gameplay and enticing win potential.

Wheel of Wishes became available network-wide this past Tuesday, February 11.

Crazy Tooth Studio will soon treat players to its newest slot title – Seven 7’s. The game is themed around the seven seas and their many hidden treasures. The new slot is set to arrive on February 18 and to offer many exciting features, including expanding reels and 2x multiplier symbols for a highly engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Enchanted Forests, Undersea Adventures, and Space Voyages Await Fans of Microgaming’s Content

Just For The Win is set to take fans of its slots creations to an enchanted forest in its latest title, Wonder Woods. The new online slot is set to be rolled out on February 20. It will feature a multitude of special symbols, including mystery symbols, wild symbols, and sticky mystery symbols for some extra thrill, excitement, and win potential.

Glowing surroundings and an entrancing soundtrack will create otherworldly atmosphere for those who venture into the magical forest.

Neon Valley Studios is set to take players to an undersea adventure with its new Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah. The game is scheduled to go live on February 25. It will feature Microgaming’s iconic Mega Moolah progressive jackpot for an abundance of big win opportunities.

Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah will arrive with a five-by-three grid and ten paylines. The game will offer a wealth of special features, including expanding wilds and respins, alongside the win potential of everyone’s favorite Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.

All41 Studios is inviting players to explore the secrets of space with its new Space Enigma five-reel, ten-payline slot. The game will be rolled out exclusively to Microgaming customers on February 27. It is a medium volatility title with wilds and respins among its features.

In addition to its exclusive games, Microgaming will add a number of titles by its third-party partners on its content aggregator this month. These new titles include RouletteX2 by Golden Rock Studios, Loki Wild Tiles by 2By2 Gaming, Golden Yak by Lightning Box, CSI by MGA Games, Book of Merlin by 1X2 Gaming, and Game Changer by Realistic Games, among ohters.

Commenting on the new additions to their already impressive portfolio, Microgaming Director of Global Operations James Buchanan said that “February brings an incredible selection of diverse games, each offering dynamic features and varied themes.”

Mr. Buchanan went on that with both their exclusive releases and games from their partners, “there is a plenty of choice for operators this month.”

Source: Microgaming reveals an engaging line-up of new games this February

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Could Cryptocurrency Ever Surpass Traditional Banking?

In the digital era, technological advancements have proven that anything is possible. With 3D printing as well as automated machinery, there are no boundaries when it comes to the capability of technology. But could new forms of online currency ever truly surpass the user of traditional currency, even with its rise in popularity? In this article, we will be looking at whether or not cryptocurrency could over truly overtake the pound. 

Cryptocurrency And Online Security 

One of the biggest factors that lead many to think Crypto could surpass traditional banking methods is the secure deposit methods. With security at the heart of the blockchain system, this has become a popular way of banking for many. With every transaction accounted for with the utmost transparency, this decentralized form of banking seems to be a popular move for many as fintech technology continues to expand. In addition, you are met with your own wallet, this allows you to keep track of the cryptocurrency you own and begin to invest wisely. 

The Affect Of Inflation

In addition to the level of security, it is also important to note the effect of inflation on traditional banking methods. Inflation can cause the prices to fluctuate substantially, however, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies remain relatively unchanged mimicking that of gold pricings. Though they can still suffer from inflation due to supply and demand, is important to note that the prices themselves do not inflate. Therefore, they lend themselves well as a replacement for traditional currency as this can provide a consistent minimum income. 

Positives To Come From Cryptocurrency Taking Over 

Though there are many that are still sceptical as to whether or not Bitcoin could ever replace traditional currency, there are a number of benefits that could come along with the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. These can include, a more secure rate of income due to the very minimal disruption as a result of inflation. Additionally, there is also the question of security. It is important to note that any transaction made with a cryptocurrency cannot be manipulated when the transaction has been made. This is beneficial from a security perspective as it can ensure that all payments are secure. 

Additionally, each payment can be made within a couple of minutes. Fast payments can benefit businesses as it helps to increase efficiency. In addition, international payments are made quickly. Faster payment methods can benefit businesses both large and small as payments can be processed within just a few moments rather than taking a day or two. Secure deposit options such as this are an ideal way for businesses to make transfers online and is a fintech technology that many main banks and even online gaming platforms have taken advantage of. These are a benefit to you as there are secure online deposit methods available to choose from. Should it overtake traditional banking, it could be used to prevent identity fraud and hacking of financial information in the future. 

Possible Concerns Of Crypto Replacing Cash 

Crypto News | UK Crypto Exchanges 'Low Risk' for Money Laundering : FATF

Though these are all very positive in the long term, there are also some negatives that come along with cryptocurrencies replacing traditional finance options. One of which is that traditional currencies will lose their value. The mass adoption of cryptocurrency will mean that the new infrastructure will need to be developed to allow the world to adapt to the new digital currency. Though it sounds promising it is a huge change that will take years to occur, and therefore traditional currency may be worth less in the long term. 

The sudden shift from cash to online currency has the potential to leave many without an asset. Though this is unlikely it means that there are a number of financial institutions may be left scrambling to find a solution should the traditional currency be left incompatible. 

There is the bigger issue of government control over financial assets as cryptocurrencies are largely decentralized. The lack of control will affect the government as new digital currencies will be solely dependant on third party miners to regulate the control of currency rather than governmental control.  As well as this, the fluctuations on the market still leave many hesitant to invest in the long term. Thouh it can prevent cryptocurrencies from overtalking traditional finances and therefore hinder the crypto future as many optimists see it. 

With that being said, there is potential for the popularity of cryptocurrency to increase. However, it is unlikely that this will ever overtake the traditional currency,  not only due to the hesitation to invest but also the lack of government control that comes with the worldwide adoption of online currencies.

Kindred Signs Multi-State Online Casino, Bettting Deal with Caesars

European online gambling operator Kindred Group is set to further expand in the lucrative US space through a recently signed multi-state deal with Las Vegas-headquartered casino giant Caesars Entertainment Corp.

Under the terms of the major commercial deal, Kindred Group will be able to enter the regulated sports betting markets of Indiana and Iowa, and potentially venture into other states. The agreement between Kindred and Caesars enables the European operator to provide online sports betting and online casino-style gaming services pending passage of applicable laws and the parties obtaining the necessary licenses.

Kindred’s agreement with the major casino operator provides the European group with the opportunity to pursue licensing in both Indiana and Iowa over a ten-year period. The two states legalized retail and online sports betting last summer.

In Indiana, Kindred is set to partner Caesars’ Horseshoe Hammond casino, while in Iowa it will operate in partnership with the casino operator’s Harrah’s Council Bluffs property. Kindred will service customers in both states through its flagship Unibet brand.

The European gambling operator made its first foray into the US online gambling space last summer. It first entered New Jersey and then launched its Unibet operation in Pennsylvania. Kindred is one of many European gambling operators to have been looking to tap in the US sports betting market following the annulment of a federal ban on the practice in May 2018.

What’s Next for Kindred’s US Expansion?

As mentioned earlier, Kindred’s partnership with Caesars enables the company to immediately apply for a license for the provision of sports betting services in Indiana and Iowa. The gambling operator will certainly look to benefit further from the fact that it has partnered a major US casino operator and will look to explore further expansion opportunities in additional states.

Commenting on their deal with Caesars, Kindred US SVP Manuel Stan said that their partner’s geographical spread in the US gives a unique opportunity to build our footprint, with Indiana and Iowa next in line and potential other states lined up.”

Caesars Executive Vice President Christian Stuart added that as the company “continues to gain state approvals for legalized sports betting in the US, we look forward to adding Kindred to our list of sports betting partners in certain states.”

Kindred Debuts Unibet-Branded Sportsbook in Pennsylvania

Mr. Stuart also noted that despite partnerships with other gambling companies, it can continue to provide its own betting products under its Caesars Sports brand in the states where it has been authorized to do so.

To further support its US expansion, Kindred announced that it has also extended its existing partnership with Pala Interactive, following a successful launch in Pennsylvania in November 2019, to now include Indiana and Iowa.

Under the extended deal, Kindred will benefit from Pala Interactive’s Online Gaming Platform, which includes a Player Account Management System, various Pala Online Casino products, integration of third-party casino games content, and integration with sports betting technology provider Kambi and marketing technology integrations.

Source: Kindred and Caesars Entertainment sign multi-state agreements for market access

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7 Best Video Games releasing in 2020

If you are gamer then you must have heard the news that PlayStation 5
and Xbox project Scarlett console ahs announced their date to release in
What more intriguing is that 2020 is going to be a gaming hub year with
more than 200 games releasing this year.
There are not only new games but also some of the old games are
getting their sequel.
Let’s not make you wait any longer and hop on the list of the best video
games releasing in 2020.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

 PS4
 Xbox One
 PC
I am not being wrong if I am saying that cyberpunk is one of the
most awaited games this year.
Cyberpunk is the game that is created by the creators of The
Witcher 3. This game is one of the most intense, role-playing
science-fiction game.
This game comes with huge maps, the gameplay is smooth, and
the best part of this game is that it gives futuristic visuals.

2. The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild 2

 Nintendo switch
Nintendo has been a great platform, launching excellent games on
after another. Nobody can predict what step Nintendo will take this

year. Will it launch a new game this year? Or it will continue with
the old game this year?
The popularity of the game “ T legend off Zelda: breath of the wild
2” has gone over the charts. This is the reason why every fan is
eagerly waiting for the next sequel.

3. Halo infinite

 Xbox Scarlett
 Xbox One
 PC
This game was loved by many, but due to some technical issues
this game was bagged. Hoping for improvements, this game has
yet to surface again. It is considered that 2020 is the in which the
Halo infinite will regain its popularity.
It has been decided that this game will be launched alongside
Microsoft’s new project scarlet, with a new master chief in

4. Ghost of Tsushima

 Playstation 4
There are many games that are based on the PS4 but are out of
sight for many months. Ther is only two possibilities. One either
they have been transported to the newly launched PS5 or the
games are on upgrade.
One of the games that everybody is waiting for is nonother than
Ghost of Tsushima. It is an open-world game that set in the
Mongolian invasion of Japan.
In this game, you will have to take control of one of the samurai,
need to complete all the missions, stealth is utmost of importance.
If you are talking about stealthiness, you can follow the best spy
video games for a stealthier approach towards video games.

5. Diablo 4

 PC
 Xbox one
 Play Station 4
It is getting its sequel for the fourth time. It already has a 3
predecessor sequel, each has its own uniqueness.
Diablo 4 is a mix of Diablo 2 and 3. It combines the blizzard’s
crawler dungeons of the Diablo2 and the smooth gameplay of
Diablo 3.
This game has come up with new characters having uniques skills.
It is on eof the long-awaited game this year.

6. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

 PS4
 PC

Dragon Ball Z games were not that much exciting, but after a huge
success of the Dragon ball fighter Z, all other dragon ball Z games
become famous overnight.

There are many anime lovers who have grown up seeing this complete
anime (I am also one of them).
This game is published bt Bandai Namco and developed by the
developer of the naruto Shippuden series.

As the name suggests Dragon Ball fighter Z is based around the
protagonist character GOKU. In this, you can recreate all the legendary
and iconic battle that GOKU has fought. Not only that you are also free
to choose any character from the series.

7. Dying Light 2

 PS4
 PC
Dying light was a new sensation among gamers. The best part of this
game was that it came into the market when everybody was tired of
playing zombie games.

This game has a solid that was able to attract other gamers. It was
something new and everybody loved this game for its creative parkour

2020 is the year of the sequel of the Dying Light. Do you know who has
written the story of the dying light 2? It is nonother than RPG veteran
Chris Avellone. He was also the story writer of the famous game Fallout:
New Vegas, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

This has made the gamer much more interested in this game. And are
eagerly waiting for the new changes that the game has to offer.

Take away

If you are a gaming monk and is obsessed with different kinds of games,
then you must be well aware of 2020 as the gaming year. This year
there are tons of games that are scheduled to be launched.
From action games to RPG games, 2020 has got you covered in all