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Bitcoin Red Diamond – Digital technology platform for the future

Crypto  currencies have not only changed the world’s expectations surrounding money. They’ve also continued to evolve in their own space since the first Bitcoin block was mined back in 2009. Since then, thousands of unique Crypto currencies have popped up. Of these, Btc remains the most popular.. Beyond its anonymous nature, btc has the potential to change the way we bank, make transactions.  Although btc has helped change payment methods around the world and is the premise of Crypto currency, btc still has many disadvantages such as: Risk of Unknown Technical Flaws, Higher Transaction Fee, Highly dependency on Pool System and Large Organizational Miners.  

Born with the mission of becoming a global payment platform A coin can solve the problems that btc is having,  a coin will replace btc in the future.  That’s why Bitcoin Red Diamond  appears. Bitcoin Red Diamond  is a peer-to-peer  currency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which btc was built. 

Bitcoin  Red Diamond will surely be more advanced than Btc and would eventually become today’s leading Crypto  currency. Bitcoin Red Diamond  is the best performing coin in the  market, characterized by anonymity and decentralization. Bitcoin Red Diamond  develops the main ecosystems based on Casino, Advertising, E-commerce industries.  Through  Bitcoin Red Diamond ‘s proprietary 3SPoS protocol, it is a new upgrade of DPoS consensus algorithm with 3 master node layers that can help the system handle more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.  

With our main features:


With Bitcoin Red Diamond ‘s proprietary 3SPoS protocol, it is a new upgrade of DPoS consensus algorithm with 3 master node layers that can help the system handle more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.

No internet required

Bitcoin Red Diamond  tokens can be completely traded between 2 wallets without the Internet. This is the advantage of Bitcoin Red Diamond ’s algorithm system, we connect people without using an internal network.


Full encryption of transactions between wallets. Our platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure a fair, transparent and effective method of betting between individuals. There are no middlemen involved, everything important is governed by the Smart Contract.

Minimize resources

The Token will be automatically generated until the total supply reaches without mining like Btc, minimizing unnecessary waste of resources as well as reducing negative impact on the environment.

 and The Bitcoin Red Diamond  Ecosystems


Provide an easy to understand interface with simple account creation, user friendly profile management and account management.


Provide transparency and fair gaming experience to players. Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games with our tested and certified Bitcoin Red Diamond  system. 3SPOS algorithm as the back bone for decentralized applications. Our games are safe, fun, and private


Bitcoin Red Diamond  helps people interact in an environment that is mechanized through decentralization. Using blockchain technology to provide a trust less free market ecosystem by leveraging smart contracts for autonomously managed peer-to-peer interactions. 

Bitcoin Red Diamond  would continue the Bitcoin ‘s mission by taking control of finance from Banks and governments and give it back to the original deserving people, but at faster speed and without relying on pools and minimal transactional costs. 

With those advantages and 3SPOS algorithm platform, Bitcoin Red Diamond  will develop strongly in the future. If you missed the opportunity to own Bitcoin  in 2008, Bitcoin Red Diamond  will be the second opportunity to help you change your financial resources. 

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