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The demand is still there, operators and affiliates just need to tap into it

Harel Falk, VP Sales at Solitics, is confident there is still player demand during the coronavirus pandemic, as long as affiliates and online gaming operators are willing to pivot to other verticals.

Naturally, operators and affiliates offering mainly sports betting products have suffered a significant fall in revenue since the pandemic started, causing mass sporting cancellations.

However, online casino and other verticals have seen an uptake in volumes. Falk has even seen examples of online trading companies generating more turnover in the last three months than the whole of 2019.

Falk tells Gambling Insider: “The COVID-19 crisis has negatively affected sports betting operators. Almost all of them have been putting their efforts into transitioning their business to casino, e-sports and other verticals.

“Our dedicated teams have been working around the clock to support this transition, by making sure the data is transferred and the automation is implemented.”

Solitics is a real-time data management and automation company that enables B2C brands to personalise their players’ experience based on all their data, to increase conversion and retention.

With gaming companies forming 60-70% of Solitics’ revenue, Falk sees plenty of opportunity for online gaming companies.

Asked what advice he would give operators and affiliates during the coronavirus pandemic, he explains: “It’s pretty obvious to say their source of income has shifted.

“There’s an expression that goes ‘the cheese has moved’ and my advice would be to find the new sources of cheese.  There are tons of opportunities out there.

Falk also believes affiliates should be quick to decide how they pivot, not letting any revenue opportunities pass them by and increase the amount of verticals they operate in.

The Solitics exec says: “I’m sure there are loads of players searching for new outlets. Affiliates should take advantage of this and shouldn’t wait.

“They should increase the range of what they’re doing, the verticals they’re working in, and try to take advantage of those opportunities. The demand is there, it’s just a question of tapping into it.”

You can read the full interview with Falk in Trafficology April, to be published soon. Click here for the March edition.

Evolution Gaming claims demand remains strong despite coronavirus impact

Evolution Gaming has said there is a continued strong demand for its products, despite the disturbances caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

In its business update, the supplier claimed daily operations have been largely undisturbed and business demand remains high.

The supplier noted many players have switched to playing casino games, since the suspension of all major sporting events around the world has severely impacted sports betting.

Evolution Gaming added it has followed global advice, including using disinfection and implementing social distancing among its employees.

The virus has so far claimed more than 10,500 lives worldwide out of nearly 259,00 cases, at the time of writing.

Evolution Gaming CEO Martin Carlesund said: “It’s a turbulent time and it’s inevitable COVID-19 also impacts our business, but all employees are now doing a hard and fantastic job.

“We have a strong financial position and, in the midst of all this, we experience high demand for our live casino.”

Interestingly, in a statement on 19 March, supplier Playtech said it expects the live casino vertical to be impacted by the outbreak, providing the opposite viewpoint to Evolution Gaming’s report.

Calls for social distancing spark demand for online cannabis sales

Americans can purchase pet supplies, medication and even alcohol online, so why not marijuana?

That thought is crossing many Coloradans’ minds as calls for the general public to practice social distancing have spurred a trend in online shopping for cannabis products.

On March 16, Terrapin Care Station, which operates six dispensaries throughout the Front Range, saw an 1,800% increase in online sales over the same day a week prior, according to Communications Director Peter Marcus. Historically, online ordering accounted for a fraction of the company’s sales, as consumers preferred to peruse cannabis selections in person to decide what to buy.

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