Belgian Gaming Commission sets new limit on weekly stakes

Belgian Gaming Commission sets new limit on weekly stakes

Belgium’s Gaming Commission (BGC) aims to have stricter regulations during the coronavirus pandemic. It announced a €500 ($543) stake limit, which will reset weekly. It’s primarily aimed at the online gambling sites while the country’s land-based facilities are inactive.

The rule is mandatory for all licensed operators as well as players.

Players also have the right to tighten restrictions individually so they can lower the total available sum and the operator needs to comply immediately. At the same time, the player has the right to restore the weekly limit to the original amount within three days of the reduction.

The Commission also asked players to remain vigilant and inform the organisation of any license holders that refuse to obey the new limit. As protection for the players, any money spent above the €500 will be returned to the player and the unlawful operator will be sanctioned by the BGC.

The regulation took effect soon after Magali Clavie became the new president of BGC. Clavie, a former president of the Superior Council of Justice, replaced Etienne Marique on April 6.

The BGC emphasised that it’s meant to inform people of the potentially harmful effects gambling can have while the country is in lockdown. “While gambling has never been the solution to any problem, the current situation could see people spending more time on the internet especially on gaming sites,” the Commission said in a statement. “In addition, many people lose social control because they are alone at home.”

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