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AKODAX: Presenting An All-Inclusive Smart Contract Platform For Stable & Passive Earning

Smart contracts are indeed an icing on the already revolutionary concept of blockchain technology. These pieces of code in the form of agreements and contracts self execute themselves on the occurrence of certain events. There are several advanced smart contracts in the market, but even the most successful ones are troubled with drawbacks.

Akodax, a technology firm, has harnessed the strengths of these successful ones and has also addressed their drawbacks. Based on these, it has built a proprietary smart contract that is fair and inclusive for every potential participant. Apart from this, it presents a collaborative environment where everyone can join and gain the promised benefits.

The contract is built on the Ethereum blockchain, where users can save their assets, and further multiply those. All in all, Akodax presents a stable passive earning opportunity for each and every participant on the platform. It works in a very simple manner. Each new user is placed under the previous user via the smart contract, and they can start by investing small amounts in ETH. Once the transaction is verified, they can then receive payments from other users through an instant P2P framework. Additionally, users can also earn through referrals.

Akodax is powered by an advanced Torus System in the form of a leak-proof ETH vault. The Torus System deploys an automated feedback mechanism that only considers every user within the network. Thus, this system eliminates the hassle of stagnant rounds and presents a profitable prospect for everyone where they can earn in a stable manner, just with a minimum investment of 0.25 ETH.

Akodax also provides wallet support to all its users. It supports Coinbase and Trust wallet for smartphones and Meta-Mask Google extension wallet for computers. These three simple and easily configurable wallets can be used for Akodax transactions, thus adding an added layer of convenience for all its users.

All in all, Akodax is a well-rounded platform that offers benefits to its users through multiple channels. These benefits are founded on the following pillars – MLM commission, advanced smart contract benefits, collaborative economy, international benefits, reinvestment opportunities and many more.

The company’s tag line ‘Earn For Life’ sums up its potential economic offerings, and is indeed a refreshing perspective in the world of crypto. To know more, please visit the official website.

Company Name: Akadex
Telegram group – @akodaxofficialgroup


Covir is a platform that is designed to fund biosafety projects and licenses using blockchain technology.

     1- COVIR Upcoming IEO and Listing with BitForex

COVIR is on a quest to to deliver a safe environment for all through the deployment of specially manufactured robots which helps to decontaminate the environment from several airborne diseases which is not limited to the recent coronavirus disease that has been causing havoc in the world ever since its outbreak in the late part of 2019. Covir Aims to leverage the numerous advantages of blockchain technology (Tezos blockchain) towards assessing and connecting easily with all countries in order to be able to make the biosafety robots accessible to all thereby ensuring a safe environment.

These Biosafety Robots built by COVIR’s mother partner, Octopus Robot ( are designed to help in the decontamination of equipment, facilities and large buildings such as food storage facilities, food processing plants, airport terminals, shopping malls and any other public buildings.

2- COVIR Purpose

COVIR through the use of Blockchain technology (Tezos blockchain) and Disinfectant Robots has laid down the target to help secure the funding of robotic disinfection systems with international licence and approval in a bid to prevent and treat microbiological contamination in the event of a pandemic or a bioterrorist attack as in the case covid-19. 

Also a recent market study evaluates the potential sales of licenses at more than $160M, Octopus Robots has entered into an agreement with COVIR to pre-sell its licensing rights for 50% of their value i.e. $80M.

Covir continues its development by tokenizing (Cut in Token) this $80M is equivalent to 400,000,000 CVR at $0.20/Unit.

As a result, the buyers (investors) of CVR acquire pieces of license rights and finance the production of Biosafety systems in Octopus Robots which will subsequently be sold and invoiced in sales (10% Royalties).

Limited Company with capital of 260,000 CHF
RC n° ref 09939/2000 n°féd CH-660-1922000-2.

Important Dates to remember for the upcoming IEO on BITFOREX 

Subscription Time/Rounds:

Round 1 : 2020/07/31 17:00 (GMT+8) – 2020/08/07 17:00 (GMT+8)

Round 2 : 2020/08/10 17:00 (GMT+8) – 2020/08/14 17:00 (GMT+8)

Subscription Price: $0,20

Subscription Amount (on BitForex): 

Round 1: 3,750,000 CVR

Round 2: 3,750,000 CVR

Bonus (based on the subscription amount): 

15% CVR bonus for top 50 buyers (for both rounds)

10% CVR bonus for all rest subscribers (for both rounds)

Bonus will be distributed in 7 business days after the end of Subscription by BitForex

Trading Time: 

CVR/BTC, CVR/USDT trading will open on 2020/08/27 17:00 (GMT+8)
CVR deposit and withdrawal will open on 2020/09/03 17:00 (GMT+8)

Official Exchange Announcement:

More details about COVIR




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Korean Crypto Exchange Continues To Draft Success Stories; BitBNS, A Project That It Launched Will Now Feature on Kucoin Spotlight

While the trend of cryptocurrency trading is gaining traction, the lack of well-equipped and robust exchanges is hindering its growth. Korean cryptocurrency Exchange ChainX has solved that problem to a great extent. It provides a win-win environment for both traders as well as projects willing to list their coins. The exchange has hosted several successful IEOs and is setting high standards in the market. 

BitBNS, a project which started off by listing itself on ChainX is now one going to be featured on Kucoin Spotlight, a platform owned by Kucoin crypto exchange that assists promising crypto projects. A major part of BitBNS’ success can be attributed to ChainX, which provided a solid launchpad to help establish itself in the crypto community. 

Apart from BitBNS, ChainX has successfully supported several other prominent projects.

Gaining Sucess Within The Highly Crowded World Of Crypto Exchanges

ChainX solves the most concerning issues in the crypto trading industry. It provides 24/7 customer support to all its stakeholders. It has a dedicated team to address customer issues – be it for traders or for projects who have listed their coins on ChainX. The exchange also solves the issue of high trading fees, as it believes in an inclusive trading environment. In fact, the exchange does not charge any deposit fee from users. Lastly, but most importantly, ChainX has developed a unique mechanism to maintain high liquidity on its platform. 

All of the above-mentioned features of ChainX provides a seamless trading experience to users. As a result, crypto projects benefit automatically out of these, since their listed coins are easily tradeable on ChainX. For these very reasons, several projects across the world have laid their trust in ChainX to launch their native tokens. The recent success of BitBNS, which initially launched on ChainX has further strengthened the platform’s credibility. 

Ending Note

The success of several projects launched on ChainX justifies the platform’s vision of optimizing the crypto trading industry. It recently signed an MoU with another Korean exchange ExMarkets to explore the blockchain and crypto space in Europe and Korea. With such initiatives and constant success stories, ChainX has already emerged as a prominent name in the world of crypto trading. 

Company Name: ChainX
ChainX official announcement channel: 

BCB Blockchain announces USD15 million grant and support initiatives for Asia’s tech and blockchain startups

  • 8 million will be set aside specifically for game developers in the region
  • Partnership with leading accelerators in Southeast Asia (SEA) to incubate the selected project
  • Collaboration with an educational institution to extend support to aspiring blockchain talents in Singapore

Singapore, 23 June 2020 – Building Cities Beyond (BCB) Blockchain has announced the launch of its BCB Innovation Grant. The Singapore-based blockchain developers for smart city solutions will be looking to award USD15 million worth of grants to projects developing on the BCB protocol, as it looks to ramp up the development of its ecosystem. BCB’s launch of the grant comes alongside news of partnerships with leading accelerators to incubate selected projects.

The BCB Innovation Grant aims to boost key development areas of the BCB ecosystem, and will target up to 1,000 projects within Asia. The USD15 million grant will cater to the tech startup ecosystem in the region, with grant participants also gaining access to BCB workshops and facilities to assist and bolster their development capabilities. As part of its plans to attract developers to its platform, BCB will set aside USD2.8 million of its innovation grant to fund game development projects on the BCB platform. In doing so, the Singapore-based company hopes to use game development as a means to introduce and encourage developers to its blockchain protocol.

Douglas Gan, CEO of BCB Blockchain, said “As BCB continues to grow its ecosystem, we realize the vast potential of blockchain technology in everyday applications. We are looking at holistic approaches to support and reach out to existing and upcoming projects on the BCB protocol. The launch of the grant is part of this approach, as we look to support our partners in the midst of a challenging economic climate.”

Incubating Innovation: Partnership with SEA’s Leading Accelerators

As part of the company’s efforts to encourage innovation and strengthen its own ecosystem, BCB Blockchain has also announced partnerships with some of the leading accelerators to co-incubate startups in Southeast Asia. Building on their earlier partnership with the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (DOST-PCIEERD), the Singapore-based company recently signed MOUs with associations such as Access Blockchain Association, a registered society under the Ministry of Home Affairs in Malaysia; as well as accelerators such as Meet Ventures and Hashed Labs — an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) of Enterprise Singapore.

The partners will look to identify growth-stage projects and collectively offer multi-layered support to any challenges the startups may face with regards to funding, technology, working space and business development. Through the partnerships, BCB is striving to boost the startup community, especially those looking to reinvent themselves to survive hits of the pandemic.

Nurturing Singapore’s Future Economy

Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong recently addressed the nation on a post-pandemic future, where he discussed “Future Economy” strategies. As innovators and one of the region’s leading blockchain technology companies, BCB will look to support the upskilling of existing professionals and nurture future talents in Singapore.

The blockchain-based smart city protocol is partnering with the Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) to extend its initiatives and facilities to students and upcoming technopreneurs. Students will also be able to participate in BCB Hackathon, set to take place in the coming months to showcase their concepts and score commercialization opportunities. BCB is also reaching out to other higher learning institutions to co-create workshops and educational events in the region.

“The strategic partnerships with educational institutions and accelerators will seek to address gaps in nurturing future talent, and provide support for projects as well as upskilling opportunities for developers looking to step into the blockchain space.”, added Douglas.

Interested participants will be able to sign up via the online registration form available at For more information, kindly visit .

  • Ends –

About BCB Blockchain

BCB is a leading blockchain protocol which integrates Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Virtual Reality, Robotics and hardware to create smart city solutions that interconnects cities across distances and improves the quality of life for people, businesses and governments. BCB Innovation Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company, founded by GBCI Ventures Pte Ltd. BCB has been growing steadily in the past year through vertical and horizontal market expansions. With more than 500 staff and seven offices across seven countries, BCB aims to create and support the economies of 1000 smart cities of the future.

Press Contact

Thasleem NishaAccount Executive, 8422 7990Khairul SufiyanSenior Account Manager, 8588 4820

ATROMG8 has been Listed on the Cryptocurrency Trading Platform – ProBit

ATROMG8, the multi-blockchain landscape powered by the innovative MixNet 5.0 superstructure has achieved yet another milestone in its journey towards developing a fast and secure ecosystem for conversations, coworking, PSP  transactions, data exchange, Diploma on Blockchain and social media as a whole. 

It recently got listed on the South Korean platform of global cryptocurrency exchange ProBit. Users will now be able to trade the platform’s native token AG8 on proBit as an AG8/USDT trading pair. 

The AG8 token will be fully operational on ProBit, South Korea from 22nd June, 17:00 KST, as a tradable pair with USDT.  

Deposit begins on June 19, 2020, Friday, 17:00 KST

Trading begins on June 22, 2020, Monday, 17:00 KST

Crypto Trading Platform – ProBit

Based in South Korea, the ProBit Global exchange is counted among the renowned crypto exchange, equipped with an advanced and user-friendly dashboard that makes it extremely easy for traders to engage with multiple trading pairs.

Furthermore,  the South Korean exchange also featured among the Top 20 exchanges in terms of the trading volume. Probit currently offers 500 trading pairs.

In these years ProBit Exchange has made its credibility and wide outreach across the world makes it one of the most trusted launchpads for crypto projects. And it is no certainty that ProBit has created a wide community of regular traders, which is a huge benefit for projects, as it allows them to access a global audience without spending a fortune. Here are a few notable statistics:

  • 100,000+ community members
  • 500,000+ monthly active users
  • 2,500,000 monthly web visitors
  • 40,000,000 users on partnering aggregators and wallets such as CoinMarketCap
  • Global outreach in 8 key languages & markets provided
  • Multilingual website supporting 25 different languages

ATROMG8’s recent inclusion on ProBit as a tradable cryptocurrency with am AG8/USDT pair is a boost for the project’s efforts towards global expansion. 

ATROMG8: The Blockchain-Based Platform for Secure Communication

There are a number of drawbacks when it comes to the existing communication system – be it general data exchange or financial transactions. With its innovative MixNet Superstructure Technology, ATROMG8 aims to harness the advanced features of cutting edge technologies like Blockchain and create an optimized ecosystem for safe and secure communication. 

Privacy is one of the looming concerns in today’s digital world. To address that issue and ensure an end to end protected communication channel, ATROMG8 has harnessed blockchain technology to develop a decentralized ledger, which various networks can access, and process secure transactions directly via satellite communication. 

ATROMG8 has been designed to serve as a means of exchange, a unit of account, store of value, and a peer to peer transaction vehicle. The platform will be powered by its native tokens named AG8, using which token holders will be able to access and utilize various perks of the ecosystem. Moreover, these tokens will act as a payment method to pay for sending and receiving data, cost of services, and compensation for the Network operators.

All in all, ATROMG8 is an all-inclusive platform that offers safe, secure, seamless, and affordable communication under one single platform. 

The project has been receiving global attention off late, and the recent listing will only strengthen its objective to make the platform easily accessible for users across the globe. Recently, it also got featured on Hackernoon’s list of  “Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020”. 

To know more, please visit the following links: 

ATROMG8 Website:


ATROMG8 Official Telegram Group: 

How the Sports Industry Is Integrating Cryptocurrency

Through a variety of partnerships with some of the biggest teams in the sports world, cryptocurrencies have started to become more and more used in promoting sports and in online betting.

While cryptocurrencies have many implementations, especially in the financial sectors, the sports industry has also started embracing their use.

Sports teams and organizations have used digital tokens for different purposes, such as giving fans exclusive access to limited content and items, creating fan tokens, buying tickets, and so forth. Back in 2014, the NBA team Sacramento Kings allowed fans to purchase tickets and merchandise with Bitcoin (BTC). In June 2019, the Portuguese football club, Benfica, collaborated with the cryptocurrency platform, Utrust, to accept crypto payment for merchandise and tickets. Supporters were able to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Utrust tokens to make purchases on the platform.

Also, some of the biggest teams in Europe, such as Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, West Ham, and Roma, have used the tokenization power of blockchain provided by their partnerships with the blockchain-based, fan engagement website Socios to enable fans to create their own fan tokens.

Fans could then use their tokens on the platform to vote on matters such as changing the club’s jersey or accessing exclusive content and collectibles.

Socios’s platform is powered by its proprietary cryptocurrency called Chiliz. The company made headlines when it announced that Chiliz will be listed on the top cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

This partnership represented a huge stride for the development and adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency use in the world of sports. According to Socios CEO Alex Dreyfus, there are more than 3.5 billion sports fans worldwide, which can mean a huge untapped sector for cryptocurrencies.

For many centuries, sports and betting have gone hand in hand. As the world is transiting online, online sports betting sites have also appreciated in popularity.

The transactional benefits of cryptocurrencies enabled many of these sites to facilitate fast gambling and betting for punters from all over the world, as cryptos do not rely on banks. While most sportsbook sites usually accept only Bitcoin or Ethereum, the 1xBit site, for example, supports over 20 types of cryptos, including QTUM, Stratis, NEO, EOS, Monero, Zcash, and many others.

Crypto betting sportsbooks have become quite successful in the past few years, some of them becoming major sponsors for well-known sports teams. For example, two major English Premier League football teams were sponsored by crypto gambling sites.

Arsenal received sponsorship in 2018 from the gambling platform CashBet. Through the collaboration, the company advertised its native crypto, CashBet Coin, during the Premier League season when Arsenal played its home games at the Emirates Stadium.

Online sports betting has also benefited from the introduction of cryptos as payment options. Cryptocurrencies are a more convenient way for punters to make transfers to and from their betting accounts, as there is no personal name, address, telephone number, etc., linked to the asset. While some crypto gambling sites ask for additional data when registering, 1xBit is a fully anonymous sportsbook. Signing up is just one click away, and you do not have to provide any sensitive information. What’s more, new users can benefit from a generous welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC.

Accounts can easily be funded through a variety of cryptos, with more than 20 options to choose from. Of course, you are not limited to using only one crypto when betting, as all 1xBit users have multi-currency accounts. As the sportsbook only accepts cryptos, all transactions are feeless and facilitate fast payouts.

1xBit features a multitude of sports, including traditional and esports matches and tournaments, where you can find high odds on many events.

MSME Financial Supply Platform, AladiEx to Launch Its Basic Trading Exchange & OTC Trading Facility on 25th June 2020

Fundraising is one of the most crucial tasks for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses, especially for those which are new in the space and trying to establish themselves. With so many barriers and complexities, it is quite difficult for MSMEs to successfully secure capital investment in the traditional financial markets. The most common fundraising channels are – venture capital, crowdfunding platforms, bank loans, friends and family.  However, most of these require businesses to already have a steady cash flow and revenue level plus usually a personal guarantee by the owners.. 

In this context, digital money is a low barrier micro-financing method. Superexchange platform and financial supply tool AladiEx is empowering MSMEs by providing them with a blockchain-based fundraising platform through which they can create global investor connections and raise funds through instantaneous transactions. The platform is powered by a native token named ALADIN (ALA), which businesses can use to secure the funding they require. 

What makes the platform so exciting is investors and crypto enthusiasts also get an opportunity to invest globally in promising businesses through digital currencies. To put it simply, AladiEx is a blockchain-powered superexchange platform which acts as both a financial supply tool for MSMEs and an advanced trading platform for crypto traders and investors. As a part of its upcoming platform update, AladiEx will launch its fully functional basic exchange and OTC trading platform on the 15th of June, 2020. 

AladiEx Provides a Win-Win Situation

The AladiEx blockchain-based platform enables small businesses from anywhere across the world to connect with investors and present their fundraising goals. Being powered by blockchain, AladiEx executes the fundraising process through encrypted algorithms and secure identities. Businesses registered on the platform are duly verified and they use the ATO (AladiEx Token Offering) methodology and their newly created tokens by AladiEx to secure funding from investors. Fundraising on AladiEx is driven by the businesses meeting certain KPIs so that they can move on to the next funding round. Hence it is fair to say that AladiEx presents a safe and secure fundraising environment that investors can trust upon. 

Apart from being beneficial for MSMEs, AladiEx also offers an advanced trading platform where investors can trade and manage their assets using top class trading tools. Hence, it is a unique financial supply tool that addresses the existing pain points of both businesses and investors, thus creating a secure investment platform. 

Summing it Up

If you are a crypto enthusiast, business professional looking to venture into the crypto space. or a seasoned trader, AladiEx’s upcoming OTC and Basic Exchange launch will interest you. The platform’s basic exchange will be fully functional from the 25th of June. Moreover, it will also launch its OTC trading platform on the same date. This will enable traders to trade in crypto directly, without any intervention from a third party or the exchange itself.  Initially members will be able to trade BTC, ETH, USDT and ALA the native token of the exchange.

To know more about AladiEx and receive upcoming updates, please visit For exchange related details visit For any other query, please join the official Telegram Group of AladiEx.

MixNet 5.0 Superstructure Powered Blockchain Ecosystem ATROMG8 Soon to be Listed on Global Trading Exchange ProBit, South Korea

ATROMG8, the unique multi- DLT and blockchain Landscape powered by the innovative MixNet 5.0 is making slow but gradual strides. Its utility token, AG8, has recently been listed on Probit, South Korea as an AG8/USDT pairing. 


ATROMG8 is a Decentralized DPoS based blockchain-based ecosystem that enables human communication. Learning, managing and organizing in a fast, simple, and secure manner. Through its unique multi DLT and blockchain architecture, ATROMG8 aims to optimize the concept of human communication and value exchange to a whole new level, under the verticals of privacy and security. Its MixNet superstructure technology works to create a real-time ecosystem on digital platforms that is safe for all kinds of interaction in small and larger groups.

Various blockchain networks will be able to access the platform’s decentralized enterprise open source Blockchain ledger and execute transactions via direct satellite communication if needed, thus making it much safer in terms of security and privacy. 

The platform is powered by AG8 tokens that will facilitate various activities throughout the ATROMG8 ecosystem. These include – sending and receiving data, cost of services, financial transactions, and compensation charges for the node operators and stakeholders.

Apart from its utility as a peer to peer transaction vehicle, AG8 tokens will also serve as a means of exchange, a unit of account, and a store of value. AG8 token holders will be able to access the entire ATROM network and use its services/products. Interestingly, the platform is user-friendly, because of the fact that users can access it through any type of device – be it a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

ATROMG8 is a global operating ecosystem that will facilitate safe and secure communication ( in terms of conversation, value exchange, and financial transactions) throughout the world, as per geographic regulations and in collaboration with licensed service providers in every field for a fairer, better and cleaner world.

Many are already working on applications and other interactions on the ATROM Network and so does the team contribute and build more and more transactions. 

ATROMG8`s team has provided the Blockchain solution for the rebuild the chain movement and contact tracing & exposure Analysis using Blockchain. We are working constantly on many projects which should help the planet to become a better place and we don’t ask for payment. It’s enough for the team to see our Name mentioned and building new relationships on which we are then building our ecosystems for our community.

We are actively participating in the ChainSat project which is brought to life by Accubits Technologies. it is the first of its kind project. CHAINSAT is a low earth orbit satellite developed by Accubits Technologies to establish an enterprise blockchain ledger that can enable a secure transactional network for next-generation enterprise blockchain applications. It facilitates a secure communication channel for enterprise consortium communication without any need to depend on the internet. Communication with the satellite will be established with UHF Telemetry with 115 kbps data and S-Band payload Transmitter with up to 5 Mbps data and an experimental X-band transmitter with up to 150 Mbps data. The satellite will have an onboard data storage of 4 TB in space hardened memory modules.

Other Important Details 

AtromG8 Get Featured on Hackernoon

In the list of  “Top 20 Promising Blockchain Projects in 2020”, AtromG8 saved its place among the top 3 projects. According to Hackernoon,  AtromG8’s decentralized biological system is going to prosper with a robust number of clients and increase inconceivable footing in the near future because of ATROMG8’s unique ecosystem which is providing all you need to communicate, learn, work and organize for you and your friends or simply to hang out and share a movie together.

About the Probit Exchange

ProBit is one of the most recognized cryptocurrency exchanges out there in the market. It features among the Top 20 exchanges in terms of the trading volume. It also supports 500 trading pairs. A few of its other key statistics are:

  • 100,000+ community members
  • 500,000+ monthly active users
  • 2,500,000 monthly web visitors
  • 40,000,000 users on partnering aggregators and wallets such as CoinMarketCap
  • Global outreach in 8 key languages & markets provided
  • Multilingual website supporting 25 different languages

ProBit is arguably the most user-friendly crypto exchange that makes it extremely easy for traders to engage with the AG8/ USDT  trading pair.  ATROMG8’s recent inclusion on ProBit is a new avenue for the decentralized blockchain ecosystem to reach more users across the world.  

The AG8/USDT trading pair is fully functional in Probit, South Korea. Users will be able to start depositing and trading from 19th and 22nd June respectively. 

  • Deposit begins on June 19, 2020, Friday, 17:00 KST
  • Trading begins on June 22, 2020, Monday, 17:00 KST

Important Links

ATROMG8 Website:



ProBit South Korea: 

Isis network sells out its IEO within 30 minutes on ChainX

Have you at any point considered digital money mining as an extraordinary wellspring of winning? We wager you should have! However, the substantial mining gear, computational force, and the costly idea of crypto mining have consistently been an obstacle. Be that as it may, not any longer. Isis network gives you the chance to mine cryptographic money from your cell phones, without managing the problem of costly and massive pre-necessities like mining hardware.

What is Isis Network?

To lay it out plainly, Isis is a digital money explicitly intended to empower crypto game stage. It is a versatile prizes application and doesn’t require the clients to pay any sum ahead of time so as to benefit of its cell phone based crypto mining office. Isis professes to be a low-power eco-accommodating option in contrast to customary crypto mining rehearses. Also, the stage is secure and straightforward in all perspectives. It has just teamed up with various blockchain-based undertakings so as to furnish clients with rebate benefits, access to new items, and so forth.

Isis Network sold out its IEO inside 30 minutes on ChainX

Isis as of late directed its Initial Exchange Offering on ChainX, which is a multi-money Korean crypto trade. it sold out to speculators and crypto lovers just inside 30 minutes of opening. An IEO is by and large intended to convey tokens by means of an accomplice trade, for this situation, ChainX, so as to impart greater security and straightforwardness. What’s more, Plosive’s exhibition in the initial 30 minutes reflects only financial specialists’ trust in Isis Network idea.

Isis game stage VS Traditional Crypto Mining

Conventional Crypto Mining normally includes enormous and costly mining hardware with gigantic computational force. In any case, just a bunch of substances can manage the cost of that – in this manner, subverting the entire idea of equivalent force and decentralization.

Isis, then again, gives a chance to everybody intrigued to begin mining crypto and win rewards, basically by utilizing their cell phones. It consequently mitigates the requirement for outsider mining gear providers and gives you an increasingly secure way of procuring rewards by means of crypto mining. What’s more, the stage causes you execute the procedure in a straightforward way, because of which, you don’t have to enjoy the complexities of blockchain innovation. This whole idea of ‘digging made simple for everything’ is a gigantic advance in driving crypto reception, and will go far – particularly in light of the extra advantages that clients can access on the Isis stage – P2P Mining, most extreme prizes, and multisystem mining.

Significant Links:


Bitcoin Red Diamond – Digital technology platform for the future

Crypto  currencies have not only changed the world’s expectations surrounding money. They’ve also continued to evolve in their own space since the first Bitcoin block was mined back in 2009. Since then, thousands of unique Crypto currencies have popped up. Of these, Btc remains the most popular.. Beyond its anonymous nature, btc has the potential to change the way we bank, make transactions.  Although btc has helped change payment methods around the world and is the premise of Crypto currency, btc still has many disadvantages such as: Risk of Unknown Technical Flaws, Higher Transaction Fee, Highly dependency on Pool System and Large Organizational Miners.  

Born with the mission of becoming a global payment platform A coin can solve the problems that btc is having,  a coin will replace btc in the future.  That’s why Bitcoin Red Diamond  appears. Bitcoin Red Diamond  is a peer-to-peer  currency and can be termed as a modified version of the technology on which btc was built. 

Bitcoin  Red Diamond will surely be more advanced than Btc and would eventually become today’s leading Crypto  currency. Bitcoin Red Diamond  is the best performing coin in the  market, characterized by anonymity and decentralization. Bitcoin Red Diamond  develops the main ecosystems based on Casino, Advertising, E-commerce industries.  Through  Bitcoin Red Diamond ‘s proprietary 3SPoS protocol, it is a new upgrade of DPoS consensus algorithm with 3 master node layers that can help the system handle more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.  

With our main features:


With Bitcoin Red Diamond ‘s proprietary 3SPoS protocol, it is a new upgrade of DPoS consensus algorithm with 3 master node layers that can help the system handle more than 1,000,000 transactions per second.

No internet required

Bitcoin Red Diamond  tokens can be completely traded between 2 wallets without the Internet. This is the advantage of Bitcoin Red Diamond ’s algorithm system, we connect people without using an internal network.


Full encryption of transactions between wallets. Our platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure a fair, transparent and effective method of betting between individuals. There are no middlemen involved, everything important is governed by the Smart Contract.

Minimize resources

The Token will be automatically generated until the total supply reaches without mining like Btc, minimizing unnecessary waste of resources as well as reducing negative impact on the environment.

 and The Bitcoin Red Diamond  Ecosystems


Provide an easy to understand interface with simple account creation, user friendly profile management and account management.


Provide transparency and fair gaming experience to players. Betform uses a transparent way of generating the outcomes of its games with our tested and certified Bitcoin Red Diamond  system. 3SPOS algorithm as the back bone for decentralized applications. Our games are safe, fun, and private


Bitcoin Red Diamond  helps people interact in an environment that is mechanized through decentralization. Using blockchain technology to provide a trust less free market ecosystem by leveraging smart contracts for autonomously managed peer-to-peer interactions. 

Bitcoin Red Diamond  would continue the Bitcoin ‘s mission by taking control of finance from Banks and governments and give it back to the original deserving people, but at faster speed and without relying on pools and minimal transactional costs. 

With those advantages and 3SPOS algorithm platform, Bitcoin Red Diamond  will develop strongly in the future. If you missed the opportunity to own Bitcoin  in 2008, Bitcoin Red Diamond  will be the second opportunity to help you change your financial resources. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Bitcoin Red Diamond